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Thursday, 29 November 2012

New Shoes..

Hi Ladies, I know it's been a while but i've had pretty much nothing of interest to post about!
However, today has been a fabulous day on the shopping front. With the intention of purchasing my last few christmas gifts I took a trip to Matalan, with a 20% off voucher in hand! Browsing around I saw the most amazing shoes. I'm not usually one for spending on myself but it would have been a crime to leave the store without them. I was in need of a pair of shoes that I could wear with jeans on a smart/casual occasion, but that I could also wear for a dressy occasion and thought these were perfect....
How gorgeous are they?! And the price was even better- at only £22 before my 20% deduction I thort they were a bargin, but thanks to my voucher they came to £17.60!!
I then spotted a second pair which I thought were lovely for the christmas season, and at £12 down from £20 I could not fight the temptaion!
(used my new app picfx-love it)
I was really impressed at these finds as usually I can never find anything in Matalan, despite loving many items that I see in other bloggers posts, so I think this is a real personal victory! YEY ME! And at those prices- I dont even feel guilty!!
Did anyone else take advantage of the Matalan offer?

Emma xxxx

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