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Hi, my name is Emma Sneesby, I'm 23 and a Dental Nurse from the small town of Barrow-in-furness.
I love to read about fashion/beauty so please send me your links so I can pick up some tips :)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A blogpost about a blogpost...

So I've taken the plunge and set up this blog! I have no idea what I am doing but I'm hoping a few lovely ladies whom I follow are going to help me find my feet!
I first discovered 'blogging' through the lovely Kayleigh Johnson, a friend from my home town, who I follow on twitter. Kayleigh, who is a journalism graduate, writes about fashion & beauty- 2 subject which I will not pretend I have knowledge in!! But from reading Kayleighs blog (which I have become slightly obsessed with if I'm totally honest) has given me a few tips! She really knows what she is talking about and manages not to overwelm the likes of myself, but makes beauty and fashion seem really simple.
I have interested in setting up my own blog for a few months, but due to a lack of confidence and simply thinking I am too dull for people to spend their time reading about, I have always put it off! That is until I saw a certain post from Kayleigh. straight away the word 'GIVEAWAY' launched itself at me! (everyone loves a freebie right?) And as I always enjoy reading about the products Kayleigh reviews I was so excited that I could have a chance of getting my hands on something she recommends.
So here I am starting my very own blog! I hope not to bore anyone too much (if i get any followers at all) and that you find the blogs I have suggested in this post as useful and enjoyable to read as I do.

Please, anyone feel free to leave me some help/feedback on how to get going with blogging!
Many thanks :) Emma xx

If you would like to read Kayleighs blog and enter her giveaway then follow this link:

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